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Mr. Hemingway

[Inspired by the psyche of Ernest Hemingway]: An addictive and sultry fragrance redolent of creamy Madagascar vanilla bean and aged bourbon, with an explosion of sweet anise. 

Mr. Hemingway was a celebrated talent and intellect, but also a real charmer; a vivacious romantic who married four times, and whom many admired. He was infatuated with each of his wives, and also had a pension for weaponry, particularly guns – as he was a former soldier of World War 1. Later in life, Ernest was subject to electro shock therapy after a failed suicide attempt. Upon his release, just days later, it was Ernest’s love of alcohol and guns, coupled with his depression, that would take his life.

The Memoirs Collection is inspired by vivacious writers of the past, and their lively environments at the time of their existence. Each candle evokes the essence of each fallen author’s world, all the while memorializing the aroma of their time.


Hand Poured in Los Angeles - Not Imported

Vegan Soy Wax

Vessel:  7.5 oz.

Burntime: 65 hours

Vegan soy blend with a cotton wick, providing an environmentally clean flame and unprecedented aromatic scent delivery.

Collections: Memoirs Collection

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