Cotswolds Collection - BIREN & CO.

We embarked on our first trip to explore England, and were spellbound by the Cotswolds, a handful of villages built in the Middle Ages, bolstered by the wool trade. The Cotswolds is formally defined as, "Sheep enclosure in rolling hills," a description that personifies the very ambiance surrounding the quaint townships, so picturesque you feel as if you walked into a painting. Captivated by the charm and fragrant surroundings, we manifested this Collection to encapsulate our adventure.

Each candle embodies one of the magnificent villages that stole our hearts, and each fine fragrance was carefully created to memorialize each town's unique aroma and natural aura. Lastly, we pay homage to the sheep, embossing each candle with the Cotswold's rightful heir. May each lit candle allow you to journey far, far away to…the Cotswolds.

Pre-Dripped Collection


The Pre-Dripped Collection is timeless, romantic, and sexy. The mood our unique pillars exude is the exact aura its creators wanted to produce for their own wedding ceremony so they rolled up their sleeves and made them themselves, one by one, completely from scratch.