Birth Story - 2 - BIREN & CO.

Birth Story - 2

Our Birth, Our Life, Our Legacy

Founders Mark and Samantha created their first distinct candle i n their kitchen as they could not find a single candle that matched their vision for the ir wedding day… a candle with an elegant drip exterior but one that didn’t actually drip and create a mess. Determined, Mark and Sam rolled up their sleeves and made their wedding candles themselves, one by one, completely from scratch. They poured their vision and love into each candle to concoct the most exquisite and ethereal candles they could imagine for their nuptials. The «Pre-Dripped» candle was born and so was Biren & Co.

And so it began. Their passion project turned into a rapidly evolving business, and with the help of Marcus Lemonis and CNBC’s The Profit, additional collections were created, combining high-end designs with luxurious fragrances at an affordable price.

Where there is Biren & Co., there is heart. Where there is heart, there is home.

~ Turning Houses into Homes ~ sinc e 2010
Pre-Dripped Collection


The Pre-Dripped Collection is timeless, romantic, and sexy. The mood our unique pillars exude is the exact aura its creators wanted to produce for their own wedding ceremony so they rolled up their sleeves and made them themselves, one by one, completely from scratch.