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TimeStamp Collection

This is the story of your journey through life... and on certain times of the day you embody a specific mood. Each candle is the mood we want to feel at these times of life; it inspires you to either want to chill, conversate over a drink, or energize and get things done!

 4:58PM MONDAY  |  Plum NoirAn invigorating blend of fresh blackberries, damask plum & white cedarwood.
 6:04PM FRIDAY  |  Whiskey Tobacco - An intoxicating concoction of dark whiskey notes, warming tobacco, nightfall amber & brushed suede.
 9:27AM SATURDAY  |  Peach MimosaA lively fragrance with notes of sparkling mandarin peel, peach nectar & blushing wine.
 7:30PM SUNDAY  |  Indigo Lav - A tranquil aroma of French lavender blended with tonka bean and musk bean.


13 oz. | 60 hour burn time

4.5"H x 3.25" diameter

Hand-poured in Los Angeles

Vegan soy wax

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Pre-Dripped Collection


The Pre-Dripped Collection is timeless, romantic, and sexy. The mood our unique pillars exude is the exact aura its creators wanted to produce for their own wedding ceremony so they rolled up their sleeves and made them themselves, one by one, completely from scratch.